Guitarar Freshman

Kom og royn hesar fantastisku guitararnar,.
Bíligari í Føroyum enn í Onglandi? … jú, teir betru Freshman eru bíligari her enn í Onglandi.
Eg havi kundar sum hava latið sín Martin HD 28 (Danskir prísir uttan pickup ca. Kr.22.000,00) inn fyri ein Freshman 600 guitara . Tú kanst eisini fara á Internetið og skriva Freshman guitar review, so kanst tú bæði lesa og hoyra á Youtube. Her er so eitt review á Youtube.

Ofta tá eg havið kannað á Internetinum um ymiskar guitarar, eri eg komin fram á Freshman. Teir fáa altíð framúr gott ummæli, ja so gott at ein undrast um tað er reyp ella verðuleiki.
Eisini eru teir sera vakrir, tú fært hug at eiga ein, einans av útsjónd.
Nú kanst tú so royna teir her í Runavík og døma sjálvur/ sjálv. Vit hava gott úrvæl av teimum úr Kr. 2595,- og heilt til Kr 18.900,-.
Her eru brot á Enskum hvat summi sum hava ein Freshman siga:

Impression: When looking to buy a new guitar I had tried several higher end guitars before finally purchasing the Freshman, brands such as Martin, Taylor and Takamine. My reasoning behind purchasing the FA400GACE was because it had all of the features of a higher end guitar such as Taylor and Martin but at a fraction of the price. The Taylor 714CE for example is a beautiful guitar and retails for over £2000 but when compared to the Freshman’s price of £750, I can’t help but feel I’m paying the extra £1250+ merely for the Taylor name. Before purchasing I would recommend comparing the FA400GACE to higher end models just so you realize what I did.

Review of Freshman 500 Series by JC Christie
I went looking for a Martin D28 or D35 or possibly a Gibson SJ100 but after playing every guitar in the shop during the course of a long afternoon I came out with the Freshman FA500JCE. Not only did this guitar look the part, its tonality and playability knocked everything else into a cocked hat. At fifteen hundred pounds sterling it wasn’t exactly cheap, but you do get an awful lot for your money – Triple grade “A” sitka spruce top, rosewood back and sides, ebony fretboard, bone nut and saddle, and as an added bonus, the wonderful Schertler sound hole dual system pick-up. This guitar is a full sized jumbo but compared with the Gibsons and the Faiths it feels quite compact under the arm; it is beautifully balanced and superbly set up, giving the player total control. The thing which really sells this guitar is the incredible presence of tone. Play it gently and it provides an amazing intimacy with almost spiritual undertones – play it hard, and the sound is simply awsome! Incredible volume but without the harsh jangles and hard bark of a dreadnought. In fact, it is more like a giant 000 grand auditorium on steroids. I play gentle jazz and hard aggressive blues, and for me this guitar is perfect, fitting both criteria with ease and sophistication. The build quality is superb, which for a gigging pro on the road five nights out of seven, is extremely reassuring. Do I think this is a good guitar? Yes I do. Would I recommend it to others? Absolutely and without reservation. Do I think it is expensive? No, I don’t – it represents incredible value for money and it looks better and plays better than some guitars costing a £1000 more in my opinion. Do I have any links with the Freshman guitar company? No, none at all whatsoever. A small niggle, but I would have appreciated a strap stud on the heel. Having said that, having to use a strap secured to the machine head seems to give the player a lot more control.

Review of Freshman 500 Series by Syncopater
Bad Points
The overall fit and finish of the guitar was very good but I subscribe to the minimalist school of decor so found the fretboard and heel decoration with Freshman and F detracted from the aesthetics. That is a minor quibble as this is a really really good guitar for the money. When I first played it I thought that there was an overtone typical of some rosewood guitars but really it was just that every string rang out fully and evenly ,unlike many guitars where there is a brassy jangle. It is the difference between the sounds of an Audi and a Hyundai car door closing, if you know what I mean.
General Comments
When I first saw Freshman guitars I assumed that they were another budget range of average guitars. I was so so wrong. I played the FA500GA grand auditorium model in a music store yesterday. As an experienced acoustic guitarist I have tried loads of guitars, including many high end ones. This is up there with the best but at half the price. The sound was frankly astounding with rich full tones on every string. Resonant basses and rare fat trebles. The playability was wonderful. I could hardly put it down and I plan to check out the range further if that is really possible here in Northern Ireland with 3 local dealers. The projection for a medium bodied guitar was amazing. I liked it more than many Taylors and Martins. The tone quality reminded me of a Collings but without the fuller sound and absolute bell like clarity. Intonation was great too right up the neck. The set up was nigh perfect right out of the case. The tonewoods were of really high quality for the price and it really showed in the sound quality. I was taken aback to be honest. This was a new guitar but the depth and complexity of tone was incredible for that. In a few years it would be nothing short of sensational. I played the 500 series dreadnought before and quite liked it but not as much as this one. Wanting the big brand names is normal but this is something worth checking out first -use your ears, listen and feel how this guitar almost plays itself -it makes it easy. Wonderful. I was planning to buy a Collings D3 at £3k but now I am not so sure. I could have several of these guitars for that. I am resting my case for now – literally. Well done Freshman – great work.
Review of Freshman 500 Series by Josie Lloyd
Freshman FA 500dce I went into the shop to try Taylors and Martins around £2,000 but I couldnt put this baby down, iw was crisper, and clearer and just more lovely to play than anything else there, I left because I had intended buying a “name” as well as a guitar, but returned a week later to purchase and am well pleased. I’d like a strap fastening thing on the body I cant do with straps going up around the top of the neck and the case is spectacular!

The Freshman FA500JCE is a full sized single cutaway electro-acouistic Jumbo guitar featuring a triple “A” sitka spruce top and rosewood back and sides. The fretboard and bridge are ebony and the saddle and nut are bone. On board electronics are provided by the Schertler sound hole system which removes the need for a nasty plastic brick sticking out of the upper bout! There is a volume control at the top, with treble and bass controls at the bottom.The guitar has 20 frets, and with a flat “C” neck, you can use 17 of those frets quite effectively.
Action, Fit, & Finish:
Before I bought the Freshman I looked at two or three other “leading” brands, the fretting and stringing of which left much to be desired. One of the things that attracted me to the FA500JCE was the perfect factory set up, the evenness of the frets and the incredible speed of the action. Other guitars makers should take note… if you want to sell your instruments make sure they sound good “off the wall”!

Sound Quality:
I play gentle laid back jazz and very aggressive blues and this guitar serves me very well in both departments. Those players expecting the brash attack of a Dreadnaught maybe nonplussed to find it isn’t there. In its place is a deep rich honeytoned resonance that blooms and blossoms in volume as you apply pressure from fingers or plectrum. The bass strings are incredibly mellow, the mid range is also clear and well defined and provides a wonderful platform for high clear trebles which sing out with a long sustain. Acoustically, this guitar is about as pure as any acoustic guitar can get. When played through my Marshal 80 watt combo or my Carlsboro PA everything gets louder, but the tonality remains the same.

At the time of writing I’ve only had this guitart for a month, but I bought it because the build quality seemed to be very high. I’m a jobbing pro, on the road five nights out of seven, and the Freshman looks (and feels) like it will go the distance. I’ll let you know in a couple of years. Having said that, I’ve done a couple of dozen live gigs with this machine and it does instill a fabulous feeling of confidence
Overall Rating:
I have been a professional musician for forty years and without a doubt this is the nicest guitar I’ve ever owned. I have (and use) Ibanez and Yamaha acoustics and a Gibson 335 – all of which are very long in the tooth. For stage work the Freshman replaces and outplays these other instruments – it looks the part and the variety of sounds I can get from it (even with my limited ability) is quite amazing. In the event of a theft or accident I would certainly buy another. At ¿¿1500 this is not a cheap guitar, but I think it represents incredible value for money. The only niggle that I have is that there isn’t a strap stud on the heel which means you have to secure the strap via a loop around the machine head. Having said that, this method of support does seem to offer a better sense of balance and control.

I bought a FA500GA and have been very impressed with it. I bought it as a guitar to play around with until I would buy a higher end name brand guitar. I haven’t bought one yet for a good reason. I don’t need to -I have a high end guitar now in the Freshman. The guitar has opened out beautifully as I have played it. I also recently played a high end Yahama LL cutaway dreadnought and was disappointed in it compared to the Freshman. Nor was the sound anywhere as good as the Freshman when it was similarly new. Keep making such good guitars. David McDowell I was prepared to spend up to £2,000 for a fingerstyle steel strung guitar, tried everything, including Martins, Taylors, Collings, Gibson, old, new etc. Finally selected the 400 based on tone, balance, overall sound, playability. Watch out Martin and Taylor (especially Taylor!)
Bill Dale

Hi Freshman Guitars, I recently put a deposit down on a FA400GA at my local guitar shop, what a find! I’ve been looking for a OM/GA guitar for a while after my taylor 312-ce was stolen in france whilst on a tried all the guitars in this category from guild, tanglewood, taylor, martin, gibson before finally settling on your FA400GA,the guitar is a credit to you in terms of materials used, build quality, design, and workmanship, ansd is the best guitar i think in its class today,the sound is incredible to my ears at least, i dont know how you did it? I had heard the Freshman name before but had never tried your higher end guitars, incredible value may i say and on a par with the big boys whose guitars are sometimes overhyped and overated and vastly overpriced,ive chosen your guitar for all the right reasons in my view and maybe at the right time as solid wood guitar prices start to soar, fair play to you,and many thanks for the FA400GA.

It’s been a few weeks since I got my new Freshman FA400FCES and now that the novelty of a new guitar such a wonderful instrument.
Aside from the quality of the build and beautiful minimal design this guitar has such an expressive range of sound it’s a real pleasure to play. It really sings when strummed but has a beautiful tenderness when fingerpicked.
I spent several months trying all kinds of guitars and was torn between a Martin and a Taylor (twice the price of the FA400) before I stumbled across a review in Acoustic Magazine of the FA400. So I decided to chance it and ordered one.
I’m so glad I did. I couldn’t be more delighted with it. Every time I play it I rejoice at the fact that I never spent twice as much money on a Taylor or Martin as in my opinion this is a superior guitar in every department.
Thanks again for a wonderful instrument, I couldn’t be more proud to own a Freshman.
Ian Longley
After many years of playing a relatively inexpensive acoustic I thought I’d treat myself to something of a bit higher quality. I road-tested a few of the usual suspects including Martins and Taylors up to and around £1800. However, before making a decision I asked the editor of a well know acoustic guitar magazine if there were any lesser known brands I should check out and he suggested the Freshman 400 series. On first viewing I was struck by the understated good looks, the quality of the materials and finish, and of course the price tag! Eventually I narrowed it down to a choice between the Freshman FA400DCE(S) and a Taylor with a price Tag of £1699. Both were beautifully constructed from top quality materials, had beautifully warm tone and amazing projection and responsiveness. However, the Taylor had no pickup fitted whilst the Freshman not only featured the great sounding Schertler Bluestick active pick-up system but also came in at much cheaper… No Contest! I honestly believe there is nothing out there that can compete with this guitar until you get into the £2000 plus price bracket.
Russ – London